We make it our business to understand your brand, your customers and the marketing environment.

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    identify objectives

    To ensure you communicate clearly and effectively to all your stakeholders, we will develop an internal and external communications strategy that supports your business objectives.
    We work with you to define your value proposition and position your brand correctly in the market. We develop marketing communications strategies that integrate above and below the line. Our strategies cross-reference across all media channels.

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    Where required, we work closely with professional researchers to conduct communications audits to evaluate the effectiveness of existing communications and identify areas for improvement. We also call on researchers to conduct awareness, attitudinal and perception audits and do focus groups to evaluate your brand’s positioning in the market.

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    fresh ideas

    When you need fresh ideas and innovative thinking, we help you to identify new marketing opportunities for your brand and provide creative solutions.

Public Relations

We do national publicity campaigns in print and digital media, including social media. We have good media relationships and secure quality editorial exposure for our clients.

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    targeted approach

    Our publicity campaigns target the most suitable media for your story, and we submit well-researched, relevant articles that are credible to journalists and their audiences, and that strategically position your brand in the market. We work across traditional and social media, ensuring your brand enjoys exposure in the press, on broadcast and digital media and on influential blogs.

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    professional media

    A good picture tells a thousand words. We work with professional photographers and videographers to ensure we have quality images and video clips to use in publicity and on social media.

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    results tracking

    We deliver measureable results through media tracking & analysis. Our campaign reports include comprehensive quantitative and qualitative analysis of print and digital coverage. We can also research industry and competitor exposure in the media, reporting on trends and issues relating to your business.

Social Media

Digital technology and the internet have given us access to unlimited, immediate information, and social media has given the consumer a voice.

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    On the path to purchase, your customer will research your product or service, compare it to your competitors, ask their friends and look for reviews online, before buying anything. And they would like to be able to talk to you.

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    popular platforms

    Catalyst will help you optimise your social presence and create compelling content. We help you to reach and engage your customers on popular platforms to draw customers to your brand:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
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    relevant content

    We generate regular, newsworthy content so your blogs attract readers and rank well in SEO. Our services include social media content administration, advertising and the management of special promotions and competitions.

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    reputation management

    Reputation management is a key component of our social media services. We help you to communicate a positive brand, safeguard your image and deal with crises effectively.


Our excellent media databases and relations ensure that we pitch your news to the right person.

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    focus on the audience

    Our experienced team of writers will develop your copy in the appropriate style and tone for your audience for:

  • websites
  • advertising
  • brochures
  • blogs
  • newsletters
  • media articles
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    We work with journalists, bloggers and presenters every day and understand their requirements, so our media releases are newsworthy, well researched, factually and grammatically correct, and attuned to the media we are targeting.


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    corporate identity

    We work with excellent designers and advertising agencies, to develop your corporate identity, icons and taglines to reflect your value proposition and brand positioning. We prepare apply the CI to all branded materials, from stationery to uniforms, vehicles and branding, ensuring the brand identity is applied consistently and the materials suit the brand style.

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    website and marketing material

    Working with our designers, we manage the production of marketing materials such as stationery, brochures and folders, ensuring that the look and content is consistent with your brand, and the quality is up to standard.

    We create websites that are user-friendly and clearly communicate the benefits of your products and services.

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    We work with media planners to book strategic advertising that optimizes your spend. We prepare material for digital, print and radio campaigns. Catalyst can also manage your search and display advertising on Google.


Our events make your clients and stakeholders feel appreciated and reflect your brand values.

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    connect face to face

    In the age of personal endorsement and referral, it is important for brands to network and to connect with their customers face to face.

    We arrange:

  • networking events
  • launch parties
  • media conferences
  • seminars
  • workshops
  • conferences