Catalyst is a marketing communications and public relations agency based in Cape Town

We provide integrated marketing communications services that help you to build your brand in a strategic, multi-media approach. We ensure that you talk effectively to your stakeholders and markets. We get results.

Our services include:

We work in an integrated approach across all your channels of communication to ensure consistent, clear messaging about your brand.

  • connect

    We identify the touch-points where your customers source information and make brand choices. We help you to choose the most effective media to reach your markets, and develop polished communications and marketing materials to ensure that your brand makes an impact.

  • converse

    Quality publicity gives your brand credible exposure. Talking to your customers on social media engages and educates them about your products, and builds brand loyalty. We develop publicity and social media campaigns that encourage your customers to engage with you about your brand and recommend your products and services. We can help you to increase traffic to your website. Effective communications secure brand reputation.

  • convert

    We are focused on results and the return on your marketing investment. Our work focuses on driving enquiry and sales. Effective communications create brand loyal customers. We focus on return on investment for your marketing spend.