Green Catalyst

Catalyst specialises in environmental and sustainability-driven communications for brands that care about our earth. We execute integrated multi-channel PR campaigns – to raise awareness, educate and influence thinking and behaviour relating to environmental issues.

Brand Communication Strategies

We develop and implement communication strategies for organisations that have a strong sustainability ethos. Our tools include carefully crafted messaging that runs through storytelling, publicity campaigns, social media engagement, impactful events and advertising campaigns.

What is our Process?

Our clients range from renewable energy businesses to environmental and conservation lobbyists, eco-tourism, the financial sector, non-profit organisations, and waste management initiatives linked to manufacturing and extended producer responsibility. Firstly, we make sure that we understand our clients’ focus and campaign objectives. Then we develop the strategies and tactics to start and shape conversations that make the issues relevant, personal and impactful to the target audiences. We build stories and narratives through published and social media, that are credible and engage audiences.