Think it Through

To talk effectively to your markets and stakeholders, you need to reach your target audiences and communicate your message clearly and consistently. We help you to develop an impactful marketing communications strategy that supports your business objectives.

Our strategic approach is thorough. We unpack your marketing objectives and challenges. We do secondary research using available information to understand your business, market and environment. If required, we work with professional researchers to undertake quantitative and qualitative research to fill in the gaps and verify our thinking.

We can facilitate workshops with your team where we work with you in defining your marketing priorities in terms of your business objectives, your value proposition, brand essence, personality and voice. We analyse your business environment, your stakeholders and customers, to position your brand correctly in the market. And we identify customer touchpoints and the best communication channels to maximize your reach. The outcome of our process gives you a comprehensive strategy that can inform your planning, activities and budget.

Keep it Fresh

We continuously track trends, tech developments and the best marketing and PR practice. When you need fresh ideas and innovative thinking, we collaborate with you and selected experts to identify marketing opportunities and creative solutions for your brand.

Public Relations
Targeted Publicity

We have good media relationships – we talk to journalists, bloggers and presenters every day and understand their requirements, so our media releases are newsworthy, well researched, factually and grammatically correct, and well-attuned to the audiences we are targeting.

Our well-crafted content secures credible, valuable publicity for our clients. We work across traditional and social media, ensuring your brand enjoys exposure in the press, on broadcast and digital media, and on influential blogs, and your content resonates on social media.

Multi-media Impact

A good picture tells a thousand words. Consumer trends indicate a strong preference for image and video driven content in the media. We collaborate with professional photographers and videographers and we generate our own multi-media content for publicity campaigns and social media. 

Content Marketing

Consumers want reasons to believe beyond your sales pitch. We help you to live your brand through authentic storytelling, sharing useful advice and providing helpful resources. We develop content and encourage your customers to share their positive brand experiences.

Reputation Management

Perception is truth and in the digital age, consumers have access to multiple published and social media channels at their disposal to voice their opinions and to share experiences. Society is moving toward brand accountability, and consumers make choices based on brand values and reputation.  In the current environment, is essential to be proactive in building and managing your brand reputation, so that in a crisis you have a foundation of goodwill and support to help you.

We develop and execute brand reputation management plans that look at how you can best reflect your core values. We plan for managing scenarios that may damage your image, and assist you in developing a Crisis Communications plan proactively.

Tracking Results

We measure your marketing and public relations ROI through published and social media tracking and analysis in terms of your business objectives. Our campaign reports include comprehensive quantitative and qualitative analysis of print and digital exposure. We can also research industry and competitor exposure in the media, reporting on trends and issues relating to your business.

Social Media

Social media has given the consumer a voice and offers an excellent platform for brands to connect with their customers, build brand loyal communities and to understand the market.

On the path to purchase, your customer will first research your product or service online, compare it to your competitors, ask their friends, look for your brand presence on social media and look at independent product reviews, before buying. Social media offers an opportunity to present your brand in a more human manner, to converse with your customers and to create an authentic brand voice.

Strategic Social

Catalyst will help you optimise and manage your social presence. We develop social media campaigns that are strategic, linking directly to your business objectives, marketing objectives and brand messaging.

We help you to reach and engage your customers on the most appropriate social media platforms to draw customers into your brand, including: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest

We monitor your platforms closely and ensure prompt feedback to user comments.

Our services include: social media strategy development, content generation, management of platforms on your behalf, staff training, advertising and conceptualizing promotions and competitions.

Great Content

We generate compelling, entertaining, useful, relevant, shareable content to attract audiences and stimulate engagement and action. We make use of great photo and video content to engage the audiences. We also drive User Generated Content (USG), to create a two-way conversation and to get feedback from your brand-loyal communities.

Staff Training Workshops

We run social media training workshops for your staff, to educate them about the dynamics and role of social media for business and to understand their individual responsibility, legalities, and practical guidance on administering social media in-house.

Reputation Management

Reputation management is a key component of our social media services. We help you to communicate a positive brand, safeguard your image and deal with challenges effectively.


We work with freelance designers and advertising agencies, to ensure that your communications are on point and reflect your brand identity, value proposition and brand essence.


We produce printed and digital newsletters for your stakeholder and customer databases.

Marketing Materials

We work with designers and printers, to produce polished marketing materials such as stationery, brochures and folders, consistent with your brand identity.


We work with designers to create simple, powerful websites that are user-friendly and clearly communicate the benefits of your products and services. We write content that in your brand style that supports SEO and answers user needs.


We work with media planners or directly to book advertising to suit your adspend, and we work with excellent designers to prepare your material for digital, print and radio campaigns. We set up and manage search and display advertising on Google Adwords.


Our events are crafted occasions that make your clients and stakeholders feel appreciated and reflect your brand values. Events connect with your customers, face to face. Events create memorable experiences and talk in the market and media. Events help you to thrash out industry issues with your stakeholders. Events celebrate success.

We arrange:

  • networking events
  • launch parties
  • media conferences
  • seminars
  • workshops
  • conferences